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Everything You Need to Know About Adopting SD-WAN

Find out what SD-WAN is, how it works, benefits, potential difficulties, security ramifications, competing technologies, and more!

Download the SD-WAN 6-12 Report Today!

A 6-12 Report is designed to evaluate a given technology and its viability for the next 6 to 12 months, available quarterly from AVANT Research and Analytics. This report focuses on SD-WAN, the most disruptive technology in network and IT. 

This 6-12 Report focuses on the market dynamics around software defined wide-area networking, (SD-WAN), a wide-area networking technology that has gained substantial momentum as a means of supporting latency sensitive applications while at the same time controlling costs and enhancing performance.

Key aspects covered in this report include:
  • How enterprise customers can leverage SD-WAN towards increased network
  • performance and/or lower costs
  • The types of applications best served by SD-WAN
  • The key players in the SD-WAN space

We will also explore additional issues around benefits to your company, the status of
MPLS, impacts on cybersecurity, and whether there is a continuing need for firewalls
and routers.

Whether you're facing the need for SD-WAN today or building your roadmap for the future, the SD-WAN 6-12 Report is required reading for IT decision-makers making a change!

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