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The leading IT decision-making platform for Trusted Advisors enabling enterprises.

believe. invest. achieve. 

Who advises the trusted advisors like you?  AVANT does.  Our IT decision-making platform helps you sell cloud, colocation, and connectivity. Join us today.

Next generation IT solutions continue to evolve, and so have customer requirements. Customers need help navigating the rate of change. That’s why AVANT’s mission is to empower Trusted Advisors with the tools and resources they need to succeed in today’s market.


We Help You Sell

AVANT is, at its heart, a channel enablement company. We are passionate about helping partners learn how to sell leading next-generation technologies with our intelligent distribution methodology. We go to market together with our partners by providing hands-on enablement.


The Next Generation is Here

AVANT boasts the most robust portfolio of next-generation IT technology solutions in the channel, giving our partners access to the best-in-class services that are in demand by today’s sophisticated IT organizations and buyers, and delivering real-world, desired business outcomes. 

Partner Programs

Your Trusted Advisor

Sign up with AVANT to deliver today’s leading next generation IT solutions for cloud, colocation, and connectivity to your customers with confidence. We can help you go to market more effectively, generate more business, and grow your company as a trusted advisor to IT organizations of all sizes.


Start selling today's leading next-generation IT solutions.

Our solutions span cloud, colocation and connectivity. With our IT decision-making platform behind you, you'll be empowered to sell and serve your customers more effectively today!

AVANT is Hiring

Be part of our team of passionate and innovative technology industry leaders to help us enable the channel!  Check frequently to see new openings!  You can also apply or refer someone and earn $500!  Learn how...

Hello... Engineering Explosion

AVANT’s team of qualified and experienced Cloud Sales Engineers got a big boost with the recent hiring of three new members.  Welcome Ghazal Baniasad, Sarah Arnstein, and Dane Menke!

Channel Survey Emphasizes the Importance of Cloud

AVANT and a few of our channel friends recently conducted a survey to better understand channel practices and related outcomes. Find out what we learned and how it can help you achieve new levels of success!

Enlist in BootCamp

We've got the battle plan to win the war for market share and we're coming to a city near you!  This hands on training is designed to provide you with the knowledge of how best to use the resources that are at your fingertips as an AVANT partner.