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The Digi Teller is in the House!

Digi telling (v): Understanding where the digital world is going…and taking advantage of it.

We constantly push ourselves to look for ways to help our partners provide more value as a Trusted Advisor. Ken Presti and the launch of AVANT RESEARCH AND ANALYTICS is just one more example of how we pivot and set ourselves and Trusted Advisors apart. We are honored to welcome Ken Presti as head of the new division, and Chief Digi-Teller.

Ken is a veteran industry analyst with layers of experience, from working as a Research Director at IDC to running his own market research and channel advisory firm. His areas of expertise encompass go-to-market and channel strategies spanning the industry sectors of networking, cloud, security, and telecom. When he is not looking deep into the details, Ken Presti has a hobby of looking out to the stars. He has a couple of telescopes, including one that is about the size of a small hot water heater. And earlier in his career, Ken was a radio reporter covering space shuttle launches from the Kennedy Space Center.

As digi-teller, Ken will be helping our partners and their customers understand where information technology is heading and how to take full advantage of that knowledge. AVANT agents will have exclusive access insights gleaned from primary research exclusive to AVANT and the deep intellectual intelligence developed over thousands IT business purchasing decisions by our expert sales engineering team.  The result is informed research and analytics products like the AVANT State of Disruption report link and the inaugural 6-12 SD-WAN report link that Trusted Advisors can use with their customers to accelerate IT decision making.  It’s all part of AVANT’s Platform for IT Decision Making.

AVANT is first again by bringing an analyst into the fold continuing to demonstrate our commitment to enhancing our Trusted Advisor ecosystem with the most compelling tools and resources in the industry. As head of our Research and Analytics initiative, Ken Presti will combine empirical data with outside research to produce high-value market analysis that will keep AVANT Trusted Advisors and their clients at the cutting edge of information. Together, we will digi own the channel!