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New Additions to the AVANT Pathfinder

Formerly known as the BattleApp, the AVANT Pathfinder serves as the ultimate sales weapon for Trusted Advisors as they introduce next-gen solutions in cloud, colocation, and connectivity to enterprise customers. In recent releases, we’ve introduced new features such as Dynamic Matrices, the Technology Navigator, and a reworked Data Center Tool designed to showcase your unique intellectual property and differentiate you in front of your customers.

We are excited to announce some groundbreaking additions to the AVANT Pathfinder. As part of our latest release (available now!), we demonstrated two groundbreaking new capabilities available to our Trusted Advisors through Pathfinder, your technology platform for IT decision-making.


The first of these, Quick Quote, is an instant connectivity pricing tool that streamlines and simplifies DIA / Cable pricing. Nothing beats the satisfaction of instant!  With our latest release, Trusted Advisors can quote DIA and Cable services through select providers INSTANTLY through the Pathfinder! Tell your customers: no more waiting – punch their site list into the Quick Quote pricing engine and watch as we aggregate the quotes from our 23 integrated carriers into a simple pricing comparison matrix. Never has connectivity pricing been so fast or simple!


The second is a Latency Test integrated into our Data Center Tool which measures the time it takes to move network traffic between two endpoints.

The latest addition to the Data Center Tool is a serious show-stopper for customers looking to manage the latency of their network traffic. A simple click lets you test, in real-time, the network latency between where you’re sitting and the area you’re searching. These endpoints can be configured so you can demonstrate observed latency from Helena to Helsinki and everywhere in between.

Each provides a compelling new reason for your customers to tap into your resources as a Trusted Advisor, powered by AVANT.

Talk to your AVANT Channel Manager today to get access to the Pathfinder or to learn more about the new features!