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AVANT Receives Certificate of Registration for its Battlebook®

AVANT is excited to announce the official copyright of the original sales enablement tool, the “BattleBook®”. The BattleBook® has been a huge success within the agent community, being comprised of an incredible amount of industry information, such as “Vendor battlecards”, product overviews, qualifying questions, and much more. “We have some of the smartest people in the industry creating these sales tools at AVANT, and it’s important to protect that kind of creativity and innovation. Our intellectual property is our greatest asset to our partners,” said AVANT President, Drew Lydecker.

The BattleBook®, in its totality, took about two years to make and was built for the sole purpose of instilling credibility and education into their agents. AVANT’s goal is to continue to build industry leading technology that will help their agents further succeed in becoming that true trusted advisor to their customers.