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Virtual Special Forces Summit 2020

October 7th, 12 PM - 6:30 PM EST
October 8th, 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM EST

Plus Entertainment Events each night.

Meet Our Keynote Speakers

Marcus Luttrell

The Lone Survivor & Former Navy SEAL

Sponsored by 8x8

Bobby Flay

Celebrity Chef & Entertainer

Sponsored by Fuze

Kevin Brown

Author of Best-Seller, The HERO Effect

Sponsored by Performive (formerly Total Server Solutions)

Robert Herjavec

Entrepreneur, Author, and Star of Shark Tank

Sponsored by NICE inContact

Phil Hellmuth

Poker Hall of Famer and The “Poker Brat”

Sponsored by Palo Alto Networks

Mark Hawkins

President & CFO, Salesforce

Bethenny Frankel

Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur

Sponsored by Armor Cloud Security and PacketFabric

Daymond John

Entrepreneur, Author & Star of Shark Tank

Sponsored by NICE inContact

Meet Our Diamond Speakers

Paul Jarman

CEO, NICE InContact

Dan O’Connell

CSO, Dialpad

Brian Bischoff

SVP Genesys Cloud Solutions, Genesys

Taigo Paiva

CEO, Talkdesk

Jesse Emerson

VP Americas, Trustwave

Rory Read

CEO of Vonage

Eric Yuan

Founder & CEO of Zoom

Ryan Azus

CRO of Zoom

Virtual Special Forces Summit

Join us for a revolutionary business transformation event. Move with AVANT in:

  • Technical and Sales skills development
  • Technology Research and Analytics
  • The Pathfinder Platform for IT decision making
  • Industry insights in today's reality

This will be unlike anything you've experienced in 2020. This day and a half summit will be highly interactive and engaging. we've built a virtual world that attendees will enter into and experience from the comfort of their homes with:
  • Interactive Environments
  • Key note speakers
  • Main sessions
  • Breakout rooms
  • Networking
  • Entertainment events
  • Gamification
  • and more!

Virtual Special Forces Summit
October 7th & 8th, 2020

Virtual Special Forces Summit Agenda

Day One - Eastern Time Zone

12:00 Expo Hall Opens
12:00 AVANT Book Club (A place of YES, Lone Survivor & Hero Effect)
1:00 ACW with Bethenny Frankel sponsored by Armor and PacketFabric
2:00 Keynote – Drew Lydecker, AVANT President
2:45 Guest Speakers & Panelists
4:30 Keynote Speaker – Marcus Luttrell sponsored by 8x8
5:20  Awards and Expo Hall Prize Hunt
5:45 Celebrity Chef Cooking Event with Bobby Flay sponsored by Fuze

Day Two - Eastern Time Zone

10:30 Keynote – Kevin Brown sponsored by Performive
11:30 Keynote – Mark Hawkins, CFO and President, Salesforce
11:45 Guest Speakers & Panelists
12:35 Break & Breakout Sessions
3:40 Keynote – Ian Kieninger, AVANT CEO
4:10 Panel and Main Stage Speakers
5:00 Robert Herjavec & Daymond John sponsored by NICE InContact
6:00 Poker Lessons – Phil Hellmuth sponsored by paloalto
6:30 AVANT Charity Poker Tournament

World Class Keynote Speaker

Reveal September 8th

Look for clues on social media coming soon!

World Class Entertainment Events

Reveal September 8th

Look for clues on social media coming soon!