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An Enterprise Decision-Maker’s Guide to Maximizing IT Security

Find out what IT Security is, how it works, benefits, potential difficulties, security ramifications, competing technologies, and more!

Download the AVANT 6-12 Report for IT Security Today!

This 6-12 Report is designed to help enterprise decision-makers evaluate their company’s IT security framework for the horizon of the next six to 12 months. (That’s why we call it the 6-12 Report!)

Developed by AVANT Research and Analytics, leveraging sales data, customer feedback, surveys, external data, and extensive interviews with subject matter experts, this report will help you to assess your attack surfaces, the attack vectors, and whether your current responses are truly adequate to the task. Working in conjunction with your Trusted Advisor, the AVANT 6-12 Report will help you maintain the security of your company’s data, enhance the confidence of your customers, and develop the appropriate response plans in the event that a successful attack does occur.
Key aspects covered in this report include:
  • The common types of attacks with which you must be familiar
  • The key building blocks of IT Security
  • The “People” aspects of IT Security
  • The benefits of compliance – even when it’s not mandatory
  • Defense-in-Depth vs. Zero Trust: Which approach is best for you?
  • Coordinating Technology, Policy, Operations and Response
  • Leveraging the expertise of Trusted Advisors and MSSPs
The battle between the “white hats” and the “black hats” evolves rapidly and can make the difference between your company’s success or failure.

The AVANT 612 Report for Security will help you build a strategy to face the attackers and win that battle!

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