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2021 AVANT President’s Club

Four Seasons Resort  |  Jackson Hole, Wyoming  |  September 12-15, 2021

We're bringing our top-qualifying partners to the rustic and exciting Four Seasons Resort in Jackson Hole, a luxurious mountain lodge in the heart of American west, and we want to see you there!

How to Qualify

This year, our sponsors are offering up two spots each!  

Starting August 1st - March 31st

1) Be the FIRST seller to hit a sponsor's MRC target after August 1st, and you qualify!

2) Sell the MOST MRC above a sponsor's MRC target by March 31st, and you qualify!

The company, and not any individual salesperson, receives the presidents club award and the winning company decides who will participate.

The award has no cash value and may not be redeemed for anything other than participating in the award trip.

Talk to your channel manager today to see where you stand!  Not an AVANT partner yet? There’s still time to onboard and qualify!


2021 AVANT President's Club Sponsors