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AVANT Pathfinder

Our intellectual property is your strongest weapon.

The next generation of Sales Enablement technology is here!  AVANT’s Pathfinder (formerly BattleApp) is your customer-facing sales weapon, arming you with the tools and resources you need to close more cloud, colocation, and connectivity opportunities. 
Demonstrate the breadth of your provider portfolio through interactive sales tools like the Data Center and Fiber Locator Tools.  Impress your customers with the depth of information at your fingertips through our Battle Cards, Cloud Academy, and Intelligent Qualifying Forms. All accessible from any device, and designed, built, and branded specifically for your cloud channel sales organization.

Already a Pathfinder user?  Log in to the Pathfinder to start accelerating your deal pipeline.
Want in on the action?  Talk to your AVANT channel representative about getting access today, or complete the form below to learn about how to become an AVANT partner.
BattleApp Partner Portal