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Welcome to the Golden Age of the Trusted Advisor

There's never been more confusion in the IT solutions market, due to the accelerating rate of change.  Customers need a trusted advisor to guide them now more than ever.  Our Channel Sales Enablement Program helps you make the most of this opportunity with the tools, resources, and support you need.

Disruption Brings Opportunity.

The unprecedented rate of change in technology market trends today means that the demand for IT solutions can shift rapidly and catch you off guard. Stay nimble and capitalize on emerging technologies with our Channel Sales Enablement Program.  

Complete Sales Enablement for Channel Partners

Our Channel Sales Enablement Program is a comprehensive and sales-focused ecosystem of tools and resources for partners to become competent trusted advisors and quickly build a successful sales practice for emerging technologies like SD-WAN, UCaaS, IaaS, and Security. 

Our Channel Sales Enablement Program will help you accelerate your sales of next-gen IT solutions. Become a powerful sales organization overnight. 

SD-WAN  |  UCaaS  |  IaaS  |  Security  |  Telecom

Focus on Next-Gen IT Solutions.

When you’re shooting at a moving target, you aim at where it’s going, not where it is. One of the key values we offer our partners is our constant assessment of technology, analysis  of the market, and futurecasting of trends to keep them aligned with the rapidly changing needs of the market. In turn, we align our internal resources and efforts to ensure that our partners are prepared for “the next big thing” before it hits.  


Application driven demand for network optimization and enhanced WAN performance is driving the explosive growth of SD-WAN.  No master agent has more SD-WAN vendors or experience in the SD-WAN market.

UCaaS and CCaaS

Unified Communications and Call Center as a Service is now the core solution to enable communication and collaboration.  But it’s still early in the adoption cycle and AVANT is the best partner to prepare you to get your share.


Public or private cloud and hyperscale environments are now the preferred method of building IT infrastructure.  It’s an expansive world that requires deep expertise, and AVANT is uniquely experienced to get you prepared to sell. 


Security challenges and malicious attacks continue to grow in complexity and frequency.  New tools and services are emerging to respond to the new world threats. AVANT is the only master agent with a dedicated security practice with experts on staff. 

Our Approach to Channel Sales Enablement

Most master agents offer their partners some sales enablement services but leave their partners to piece it all together to make it work for them.  AVANT has the entire scope of the sales enablement tools and activities needed to take on the new landscape of next-gen IT solutions, and it’s glued together with unmatched born-in-the-cloud experience and personal touch. 

The Tools for the Job

The Tools for the Job

We offer partners the most advanced sales tools in the channel, including BattleApp, the first customer-facing sales weapon in the channel, Smart IQ Forms to configure solutions based and optimize your sales and solutioning process, and a powerful fiber locator tool showing available lit buildings and fiber routes presented as an overlay on top of Google Maps with advanced filtering capability.

Train to get in the Game

Education and training is a cornerstone of our program, led by Special Forces Training, a three-day training event only for elite partners to learn our tools and methodology, and advanced sales strategies, and including BattleBriefings highlighting market trends, proven-effective sales tactics, and sharing ideas from thought leaders across the industry, and Cloud Academy to help establish a strong baseline of knowledge on all things cloud.

Leverage Our Intellectual Capital

Our experience and institutional knowledge is one of your greatest assets, like; BattlePlan, a proven sales methodology to help you identify opportunities, position the right solutions, perfect your pitch, and close more deals. And Interactive Technology Matrices that give your a SWOT analysis and product availability at-a-glance and Searchable Case Studies you can use to inform your customers and substantiate the solutions you proposed.

People Make the Difference

We’re your complete outsourced sales and engineering team with Cloud and Data Architects that are born in the cloud and bred for the channel, with deep expertise in the next-gen IT solutions that are in demand.  Our engineers work for you, sitting behind the scenes or engaging with customers. And local Partner Managers that are your responsive advocates, dedicated to helping you follow our proven Channel Sales Enablement Program.

Highly Curated Portfolio

Our extreme vetting process for vendors means that only the best, most channel and customer friendly make it into our portfolio.  From market leaders to niche providers, we’ve intentionally curated our portfolio to add real value for our partners, and our emphasis on next-gen IT technology in our solution portfolio keeps you and your customers ahead of the curve on the latest proven technology like SD-WAN, UCaaS, IaaS, and Security.

Let’s Go to Market Together

AVANT’s local CIO Events are local events designed to help educate end user customers, and help our partners demonstrate their value and expertise as a trusted advisor.  Our full service In-house Digital Marketing Agency offers you websites, fully managed demand generation, branding, and more at a subsidized rate.  You also have access to a library of branded marketing materials through the BattleApp so your brand leaves a great impression.

Our Channel Sales Enablement Program will help you accelerate your sales of next-gen IT solutions. Become a powerful sales organization overnight. 

SD-WAN  |  UCaaS  |  IaaS  |  Security  |  Telecom