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We’re Investing $10,000 in Your Success

We doubled our investment in the channel and now we're doubling down on our investment in you!

Doubling Down

We doubled our investment in the tools, events, and assisted selling resources of our Channel Sales Enablement Program. That investment doubled our results by enabling our partners to get into market opportunities sooner, reducing their time-to-revenue by half; resulting in more deals closed than ever!  Now we’re investing in you by putting $10,000 into marketing development funds (MDF) for lead generation activities. 

How it Works

Partners that qualify will get $10,000 in MDF to be spent on marketing or lead generation activities as you see fit.  Our marketing team will help with strategy and development of collateral, content, campaigns, and events if you need it or to stretch your MDF dollars to the fullest. 

It’s time to double down.  Let’s do it together.  

Talk to an AVANT Channel Manager today to learn more about the Double Down MDF offer or to get started!