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Special Forces Summit 2021

September 27th-29th | Fairmont Hotel
Austin, Texas

What is the Special Forces Summit?

A two day intense sales training like you have never seen before!  AVANT is bringing the partner community together with the thought leaders and key vendors of next generation IT solutions for the industry’s only conference dedicated to sales strategies, tactics, and tools that will enable partners to transform their business to that of a true trusted advisor.

How do I break into the SD-WAN, UCaaS, IaaS, and Security markets before they become saturated?

Find out at the Special Forces Summit!

Who Should Attend

Any partner that is looking to improve their selling skills in the hottest and fastest growing technology solutions.  This training has something for everyone, from novice to veteran, covering everything from the high-level sale techniques to the technical details that will give you an edge. Want to get in early and get your share of the market?  Go Special Forces.

Why You Should Attend

This isn’t just another networking event or product training, this is for partners that are serious about taking concrete steps to enter the market for the IT solutions that are most in demand in the enterprise market.  Looking for actionable information?  Go Special Forces.

Don't forget to book your room!

We have discounted rates at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin, Texas!

How do I craft an effective pitch for next-gen IT solutions?

Find out at the Special Forces Summit!

What partners are saying about AVANT Special Forces Events

Where can I connect with the leading vendors of next-gen IT Solutions?