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Adapt or Die

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Learn key insights that will help you prepare your customers for new technology trends in IT as their Trusted Advisor.

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In an enterprise climate where disruption is the norm, businesses live or die by their ability to meet constantly evolving conditions. Those that stay ahead of change — that anticipate it, evolve with it, and even help facilitate it — experience lasting success. Those that fail to adapt don’t stay afloat. In recent years, we’ve seen longstanding retail chains crushed by ecommerce, traditional booksellers supplanted by Amazon, and successful entertainment companies sunk by streaming. In short: Adapt or die.

But what does the imperative to transform mean for enterprise tech decision making? And what does the rate of technology change look like across industries and company sizes?

Report: State of Disruption 2019 
To answer these questions, AVANT conducted a cross-industry survey of 300 enterprise technology leaders at the manager level and above who lead tech purchasing decisions. The survey sought to reveal the state of digital transformation efforts, the role that Trusted Advisors and other third-parties play in the process, and the rate at which disruptive technologies are replacing legacy tools.

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