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6-12 Report: CCAAS

An Enterprise Decision-Maker’s Guide to Maximizing CCaaS Implementation

Today’s modern CCaaS system includes an intelligent routing engine which directs, manages,
delivers, and records a full range of interactions.


Every AVANT 6-12 Report provides CIOs and enterprise decision-makers with a current and relevant overview of a disruptive technology where the pace of change is rapid.

This is market research that, in most cases, independently underscores messaging to your customers. We provide data-supported education that leaders can use to assess the technology’s potential fit for their company over the next six to 12 months (that’s why we call them “6-12 Reports”).


This 6-12 Report focuses on Contact Center as a Service, better known as CCaaS, a cloud-based offering that combines the voice connectivity of legacy call centers with digital channels, text messaging and social media.

By capitalizing on cloud, CCaaS absolves an organization of the headaches associated with premise-based hardware and optimizes OPEX budgeting. It combines legacy PBX telephone switchboard functions with various media like text and chat. Some systems even can move communications dynamically from one media to another.

  • The global CCaaS currently accounts for more than $3 billion; some predict sales will reach about $10.5 billion by 2027.
  • While Covid-19 stimulated the CCaaS market, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a key factor in energizing uptake.
  • Although some companies may adopt an exclusively work-from-home structure, most will use a 60-40 mix, with at least 40% of employees working remotely.

View the Report and learn more about implementing today’s modern CCaaS system.

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