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AVANT Leads the Channel in SD-WAN
SD-WAN is changing the way the channel and IT organizations think about networking multiple locations, and as the SD-WAN leader in the channel, AVANT is the expert to help you gain a foothold in the market.   Our SD-WAN portfolio leads the channel with the more SD-WAN providers than any master agent including exclusive distribution agreements not available anywhere else.  Our enablement tools and vast SD-WAN experience will help you gain a foothold in this exploding market.

What is SD-WAN
Software Defined - Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a combination of technologies
designed to offer a simpler approach to the WAN. It’s being driven largely by the
decreasing cost of bandwidth and the increase in cloud applications that reside
outside of the legacy data center. SD-WAN can be deployed over existing WAN
connections, whether they are Internet (DIA, broadband, LTE) or private (MPLS,
private line), in order to create a secure, private, fully meshed network. It offers
simplified management, quicker turn-up, better application performance, improved
resiliency, and cost savings when compared to traditional approaches.

Portfolio of Top SD-WAN Providers
AVANT has curated a portfolio of SD-WAN providers that include all of the market leading providers, including:
  • Aryaka
  • CenturyLink
  • Cloudgenix
  • Comcast Business
  • GTT
  • Masergy
  • NetWolves
  • Talari
  • Velocloud
  • Versa 
  • Viptela 
  • Windstream

AVANT’s sales enablement methodology and technology helps partners at any level build, grow, and accelerate their SD-WAN sales practice. 

Learn how to identify, pitch, and position SD-WAN opportunities from a panel of industry experts.  Get your sales questions answered so you can prospect and close business faster by our BattleBriefings, featuring the thought leaders and innovators in the SD-WAN space. 

All of the qualifying, quoting, and sales tools you need available at your fingertips through our channel-leading BattleApp.  With access to our entire knowledge base on SD-WAN as well as sales and vendor resources, it’s your single source for all things SD-WAN.

Special Forces Training
This two-day training will prepare you for battle against the competition in the war for market share of SD-WAN sales. Learn from the best and brightest from AVANT and industry thought leaders from around the country. Topics will include:
  • Market opportunity overview
  • Technology overview
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Crafting a pitch
  • Pitch Practice 
  • Objections and Rebuttals
  • Closing SD-WAN deals
  • BattleTools for selling SD-WAN
AVANT has SD-WAN specific marketing tools and resources that are created and fully managed by our professional marketing agency that specializes in telecommunications and IT solutions.  Including:
  • Conversation starter scripts
  • Conversation starter email scripts
  • Personalized collateral material (brochures, product slicks, etc)
  • HTML demand generation email campaign
  • SD-WAN landing page
  • SD-WAN curated content for social media
  • Syndicated thought-leadership blog posts

Engineering Support
Our bench of experienced sales engineers are embedded in our sales process and act as an extension of your team, giving you the depth of knowledge customers demand and the expert solution engineering that today’s advanced applications like SD-WAN require. 

Want more information on SD-WAN?  Keep reading.  Ready to sell SD-WAN?  Start here.