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BCN sees through complex opportunities to the simplicity that lies beneath the surface, helping you eliminate obstacles that prevent your customers from achieving key business objectives.

Based on the portfolios of 75+ underlying carriers, BCN design and deploys entire customized solutions that include POTS, PRI, Broadband, SD-WAN, 4G Wireless Backup, SIP Trunking, HPBX, and fully managed equipment and Network Monitoring services.

Think of BCN for multi-location, multi-carrier, multi-service opportunities in key verticals including Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing and more. Whether your customer has a single site or thousands of sites, you can count on BCN to carefully craft a solution that consolidates services, carriers, and invoices while adding value with newer technologies and services.

BCN is agile and flexible. Each customer is treated uniquely where it's from the standpoint of the solution itself, specific project management processes, or custom billing requirements.

BCN is 100% channel drive; no direct salesforce means no channel conflict.

Contact us below if you are interested in offering BCN Telecom.
BCN offers the most comprehensive set of converged Voice, Data, Wireless, and Cloud Services delivered on a unified platform to business customers worldwide.