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Become a Trusted Advisor to Harness the World's Most Powerful IT Decision Making Platform

Join Avant as a Trusted Advisor to deliver today’s leading next-generation IT solutions for cloud, colocation and connectivity and more. Our tools like the Pathfinder and primary research from AVANT Research and Analytics give you a competitive advantage and our solution architects get involved to support your deals and help you select the best fit for your customer’s needs.

An IT decision-making platform that puts the full power of innovation in your hands

The velocity of innovation in technology today is driving an equally rapid evolution of the IT marketplace. More and more, IT departments are relying on Trusted Advisors to help them manage change and plan for the future. Our mission is to build a platform that navigates the relentless pace of change for Trusted Advisors and their Enterprise customers, enabling business transformation.  We power you forward.

Platform for IT Decision-Making

We're by your side all the way

Years of experience have generated volumes of institutional knowledge. Thousands of transactions each year have given us the foundation for a big data approach. Primary research has given us unique insights. We scaled our knowledge and research into an IT decision-making platform with insights, tools, and resources to help you win big!

Comprehensive Portfolio

An unbeatable selection of solutions

We want you to bring the best solution to your customers, not just what’s available but what’s really going to fit their need, provide the best return on their investment and leave them with a feeling of satisfaction so they’re eager to do business with you in the future. That’s why we continually evaluate and add new vendors to our portfolio.

Accessible Tools

The leading edge of sales technology

Your selling skills have brought you a long way, but think of what you can achieve if you add the latest sales technology tools to your core strengths. We have built on our insights into successful selling by investing in the development of tools that give our Trusted Advisors a special competitive edge in the market. And we make them easily accessible to you via a mobile app.

Solution Architects

Precise matching of solution to need

There are many great IT solutions available in the market today but they don’t all deliver the same value, especially when you factor in your prospect’s unique needs. How can you find the time to sort them out on your own? Our solution architects can help you analyze the requirements of your sales opportunity and then select the solution, or combination of solutions, to meet your customer’s needs.

Partner with AVANT to cement your role as a trusted advisor and position your business for growth and success in today's ultra-competitive landscape.  

We give you the resources, tools, and support that you need to bring the right solution set to a sales opportunity backed by a sound sales strategy that will help you close more next-gen IT sales.  

Change is happening fast so don't wait; talk to AVANT today!