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Thank You, NEMA!

We at AVANT are grateful and humbled, and we want to express our gratitude to our trusted advisors in the region for embracing the people, processes, and tools of AVANT. We thank you for your appreciation and enthusiasm, which helped us experience 250% year-over-year growth (2017 to 2018) in the region, and we are pleased to support you as you are supporting us.

Hello... Operational Advantage

White gloves, impeccable service, a personal touch. When you check in to a five-star hotel, you expect the ultimate in attention to detail. And when you place orders with AVANT, you can expect nothing less. To maintain our high standards as we continue in this period of rapid growth, we are pleased to introduce Brian Schloss, our new Director of Operations. Read more to meet Brian...

Hello... Westward Expansion

Jen Gallego, our Executive Vice President of Channel Sales in the West, is leading AVANT’s westward expansion as she welcomes two new Channel Managers to her empowerment team: Clint Haynes and Kristine Su. Clint and Kristine will be focused on finding the next generation of trusted advisors, training them on the latest technologies, helping them plan sound sales strategies for even their most complex opportunities, and working with them hand-in-hand to research, pursue, and close sales. Read more...

Hello... Liberty Bell

The Northeast MidAtlantic (NEMA) U.S. is booming, generating tremendous opportunities for AVANT to bring our unique value to Trusted Advisors in the region. To help us catch this wave, we are pleased to introduce Kim Staro, our newest Senior Channel Manager for the NEMA region. Read more...

Hello... Channel Changer

To support our exploding growth in the NortheastMidAtlantic (NEMA) region, we are pleased to welcome Madelyn Webster as a Channel Manager focusing on Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Madelyn will be focused on finding partners in the region who are ready to 10x their business using the expertise, tools, and resources of AVANT.

Hello... Marketing Magic

Our most recent addition to our marketing team is Rachel Kim, Marketing Assistant. Rachael will produce customized marketing material for agents to use with their customers. These include custom-branded solutions videos for lead generation, a customized AVANT presentation, and personalized marketing collateral. Additionally, Rachel will provide overall support for marketing engagements with our sales partners.

Hello... Other Side

We are pleased to introduce Vanessa Bloom, Inside Channel Manager for the Northeast US. Vanessa has worked with AVANT for five years…on the other side of the table. As Inside Channel Manager, Vanessa will be developing relationships with the partners in her region and helping them capitalize on the layers of resources available to them through AVANT. She will be optimizing their experience and driving their success. Read more to meet Vanessa...

Hello... Air Cover

As a provider of next-generation IT technology solutions, AVANT rides the leading edge of innovation in the IT services arena. We are the experts so our partners don’t have to be. And when we find someone who has experience across the spectrum of disruptive technologies, we welcome them into our powerhouse.
We found just such a person in Luke O’Shaughnessy. Read more to meet Luke...

Hello… New England!

The need for the Trusted Advisors in the northeast US is booming and the need for AVANT’s channel sales enablement and support in the region has never been greater. Our growth continues in this area as we welcome Cheryl Hacker as our newest Partner Manager for NYC/CT/RI.  Read more to meet Cheryl...

Hello….London Calling!

And AVANT is answering! With the exponential rise in channel sales momentum in the United Kingdom, there is a massive growth opportunity in the region. We are thrilled to be bringing in more talent to meet the needs of an increasing number of British channel partners who benefit from AVANT’s expertise and unique resource set. As a significant part of this effort, we extend a warm welcome to Louka Loucas, our newest UK Channel Manager.  Read more...
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