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AVANT Research & Analytics Launches Inaugural “6-12 Report” - Subject: SD-WAN

AVANT Research & Analytics has selected SD-WAN as the subject of its inaugural market research report, unveiled this week at the Channel Partners Evolution conference in Washington, D.C.

Titled “6-12 Reports,” the series is designed to provide a detailed, data-driven guide for enterprise technology leaders pondering adoption or expansion of the featured technology over the next six to 12 months. Although the AVANT Research & Analytics division was only recently announced at our “Special Forces” conference in June, AVANT Communications’ first foray into market research began earlier this year with the publication of our State of Disruption Report and our Cloud Channel Survey, respectively.

The inaugural 6-12 Report details how enterprise customers can leverage SD-WAN towards increased network performance and/or lower costs, types of applications best served by SD-WAN, security implications, competing technologies, and a host of other relevant matters. In addition, the report also includes a roster of vendors and service providers competing in this space.

To download the full SD-WAN “6-12 Report” by AVANT Research & Analytics, please click here.

Among the highlights:
  • SD-WAN is twice as disruptive as UCaaS and cloud in the current phase of enterprise digital transformation.                                                                   
  • The report shows how SD-WAN, while often displacing MPLS in the mid-market and enterprise edge, is not displacing MPLS closer to the large enterprise core. Our data shows that both technologies are currently in growth mode.
  • More than half of customers entering the SD-WAN decision discussion are uncertain of how to approach security.
  • The average share of broadband traffic in an SD-WAN network was about 63% in 2018 and is projected to grow to 70% in 2019. Some of this growth will be at the expense of MPLS networks.  
  • The Top Five vertical markets adopting SD-WAN are Consulting/Business Services, Manufacturing, Financial Services, E-Commerce, and Healthcare/Medical.
  • Most companies adopting SD-WAN want to leverage the technology towards enhanced auto-failover and redundancy, simplified management, cost savings over MPLS, improved application QOS, and to satisfy the need for more bandwidth.
  • Oftentimes, a discussion on SD-WAN begins with a conversation on an entirely different subject – most likely a value proposition around UCaaS, SaaS, or some other application that requires a substantial amount of bandwidth or is otherwise latency-sensitive. 
Backed by a wealth of data secured by AVANT in our normal course of business, our own primary research, plus the research of other reputable industries sources, these 6-12 Reports will focus on today’s most disruptive technologies where the market impact is most profound. 

AVANT enables Trusted Advisors (agents, MSPs, consultants and similar channel partners) to support the technology decisions of their customers evaluating disruptive technologies and solutions.