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AVANT’s Tool to Platform for IT Decision-Making Takes Another Leap Forward

I recently attended a briefing of AVANT Communications Pathfinder tool, which serves
as the industry’s foremost platform for IT decision-making for Trusted Advisors and their

The Pathfinder is an integrated platform built on Salesforce Communities, with multiple
modules to facilitate IT decision-making. Features include a catalog of more than 100
cloud services, 1,500 colocation centers and 60 carrier services; a data center locator;
up-to-date information on fiber routes and lit buildings; Interactive Quick Assessments
through which customers and their trusted advisors can fully explore available
technology options; and matrices that facilitate side-by-side comparisons of key solution
areas, such as UCaaS, Security, SD-WAN and Cloud.

Among the highlights, a “QuickQuote” tool has been added to Pathfinder, which
provides real-time DIA and cable service pricing from more than 20 providers. Users
load basic details, configuration requirements, locations, and preferred contract
duration, and the pricing engine spits out pricing per location for each of the key service
providers. While this function is currently available only for DIA and broadband, other
services will be added over time.

Previous enhancements include a machine learning search algorithm to help users find
the right information quickly and easily, and a Cloud Engineering Knowledge Base that
offers more than 200 detailed technical notes on providers and technologies, written
and curated by AVANT’s world-class cloud engineering team.

The common denominator is the ability to extract information and comparisons quickly
and easily – at the speed of business; the speed at which your customers need you to

AVANT Pathfinder will assist IT customers in their journey to research and select the
best fit solution to meet the needs of a company’s next generation cloud, colocation,
security and telecommunications technologies needs.

The pace of technology change is running at break-neck speed. Trusted Advisors can
assist IT customers with easy access to all the information needed to make IT decisions
and help customers achieve a higher level of success. AVANT Communications and the
AVANT Pathfinder are here to help make that happen!

Click here to view our Pathfinder video.