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Need a New Sales Angle? Three Reasons Why Security Works Every Time

If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to keep network administrators up at night, it’s cybersecurity.

After all, 56 percent of networking professionals say that security is currently their biggest hurdle, according to a SearchNetworking study. Consequently, if you are looking for way to connect with sales prospects, consider the pain point of digital security; it’s a surefire way to pique interest and spark a discussion.

Here are the three top reasons to focus on security when targeting sales prospects. The subject is:

Relevant: Cybersecurity has become a hot-button issue in the media, and the general public is fired up about keeping private information safe. From the recent Experian hack, which exposed the sensitive information of about 15 million T-Mobile customers, to the high-profile attack on Target in 2014, security has been a mainstay in headlines. Your customers, therefore, are already well-versed on the subject, so you won’t need to do much explaining about the need for advanced protection.

Painful: Why do network professionals get so worked up over cybersecurity? It’s a painful issue. There are real consequences for businesses, as the average data breach now costs about $3.8 million. Aside from the financial consequences of a security incident, there are also long-term implications to a data breach as well. Consumers can lose trust in a brand, and may flock to competitors rather than continue using the exposed company’s services.

Overwhelming: The truth is that, despite the multitude of concerns that network professionals have about cybersecurity, most lack the resources to adequately protect their networks. First, there are numerous compliance protocols to manage. What’s more, staying a breast of the fast-changing threat landscape is a full-time job in and of itself. New, confusing strands of malware pop up by the day. Consider the arcane strand of rogue malware known as Wifatch, for instance, which infects routers and firmware actually designed to protect networks from intruders. These types of advanced threats are difficult to understand and control, so require the services of a full-time staff of professionals.

Security is a pain point that is ubiquitous across any vertical and for companies of any size.  Partners should be building their security practices now, as the demand for managed security solutions will only continue to grow.  We recommend partners leverage their solution providers to be in a position to immediately offer security while they grow their in-house security business.  

One such provider that we have partnered with is Masergy.  The company combines predictive analytics, advanced threat detection and real-time monitoring to fortify business networks and keep them safe online. 

Masergy also offers professional services to go along with its cutting-edge security architecture. Hence, customers get direct access to an ecosystem of human and technical resources for a fraction of the price it would cost to manage their own network security; and partners can support those customers through Masergy without having to invest in new resources.  Masergy even offers a go-at-your-own-pace online certification course for partners who want to slowly ramp up their in-house security expertise.

Click here for more information about Masergy’s approach to network security.