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Our Vendor is Hiring!

Reporting into the Head of Strategic Alliances, the Channel Director will manage and develop 360 degree Technology Partner relationships within our solution set to strengthen those relationships and drive training/education thru base of NaviSite selling partners with the end goal of driving enterprise new logos and strategic new revenue for NaviSite.

Need a New Sales Angle? Three Reasons Why Security Works Every Time

If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to keep network administrators up at night, it’s cybersecurity. After all, 56 percent of networking professionals say that security is currently their biggest hurdle, according to a SearchNetworking study. Consequently, if you are looking for way to connect with sales prospects, consider the pain point of digital security; it’s a surefire way to pique interest and spark a discussion.

The Future of Global Connectivity 101: Defining WAN as a Service

Welcome to class. Before we begin defining WAN as a service and its role in revolutionizing the channel, a few critical points in recent history must be addressed. You see, WAN as a service is only now a best-in-breed global cloud-based networking solution because today’s technology innovators, such as those at Aryaka, realized that earlier solutions weren’t adequately addressing the needs of the modern enterprise.

There Are Three Types of Partners In This World—Which One Are You?

As a channel partner, you’re likely limiting your success if you are selling products based only on their primary technological function. Gartner analyst Tiffani Bova put it this way at a recent conference in reference to cloud sales, “As we gain a better understanding of the power that cloud can bring to business, it becomes clear that the experience of technology in the ways that people are using it is more important than the technology itself.”