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Hello... Other Side

The channel partners who work with AVANT are some of the most forward-thinking and innovative companies in the IT service provision space—which is reflected in their choice of AVANT as their trusted advisor. These partners have produced visionary solutions based on AVANT expertise, have used the proprietary AVANT tools to impress their clients, and have seen AVANT 10x their business. So who better to guide our partners through the fine points of all we have to offer than someone who has been on the partner side herself?

We are pleased to introduce Vanessa Bloom, Inside Channel Manager for the Northeast US. Vanessa has worked with AVANT for five years…on the other side of the table. As Inside Channel Manager, Vanessa will be developing relationships with the partners in her region and helping them capitalize on the layers of resources available to them through AVANT. She will be optimizing their experience and driving their success. And she will be watching out for further opportunities for the AVANT team.

Vanessa will be a strong asset to her agents, as she has the advantage of knowing the ins and outs of many of the providers across all our target areas. She understands their processes, their systems, their resources, their capabilities. Her partners will benefit from this knowledge and experience, because Vanessa knows what has to be done and where and how to do it. And she gets the issues faced by our channel sales partners. As she told us, “Coming from the partner side of the relationship quite recently, I understand the urgency of keeping on top of an opportunity and making sure that results are delivered accurately and efficiently. Additionally, I have seen the types of collateral and resources that are particularly useful for both broader team education and qualifying opportunities. It's my goal to help partners navigate the environment with ease and feel empowered with these amazing resources at their fingertips.”

We asked her to introduce herself to us, and this is what we learned:
"Originally from the Midwest, I attended the University of Michigan (go blue!) before moving to New York and setting up camp in Brooklyn. I briefly lived in St. Petersburg, Russia and have a soft spot for the culture and languages of Russia and Central Europe. I also enjoy trying new studio fitness classes—the latest was an indoors surfing class—and getting to all the great restaurants and openings available in NYC with friends."

Our Northeast partners are in good hands with Vanessa!