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Special Forces Training Stands Out from Other Technology Bootcamps

With our Special Forces Training kicking off at our Chicago HQ this week, we thought it was a good time to post this guest blog post from an AVANT Partner about his experience at our Special Forces Training back in January.  You can learn more about Special Forces Training here. ~ Lily Weibel, AVANT Marketing

Back in January I was part of an group of my peers at ATC and other elite partners in the partner community that were asked to participate in an exclusive training run by our master agent, AVANT.  If you’re a partner, you know that all of the master agents run product, technology, and sales trainings.  This training combined all three, and that along with AVANT’s intellectual property is what makes their Special Forces Training stand out from other “bootcamp” style trainings held by other master agents. 

An essential element in helping ATC’s clients on their digital transformation journey is providing an understanding of the capabilities of new and disruptive cloud based technologies and how these technologies can be used to improve their business processes and generate stronger gross profits. Attending AVANT’s Special Forces training sessions allows you to look at this transformation for the perspective of many different suppliers and technologies. They helped us cut through the hype and get down to what's important for our clients. With the training and support provided by AVANT, we are capturing new relationships and helping our clients accelerate their digital transformation.

AVANT spared no expense in creating a VIP experience for the attendees with high-end accommodations and amazing evening events, including the sponsor dinner and wrap-party.  The training itself was 2 full days of insight after insight from not only AVANT’s thought leaders, but also the top talent from the leading vendors for their respective solution categories. 

The structure of the training and its content is where this event really stands out.  They provided practical advice that we were able to put to use immediately, to great effect.  We learned how to uncover opportunities, drilled our pitch, learned subtle positioning tips, and were exposed to the type solution engineering insights that only come from the intellectual capital and institutional knowledge accumulated from tens-of-thousands of man-hours of experience. 

Special Forces Training is a good enough reason alone for me to recommend AVANT to partners looking to make a change, but consider that this is only one of the tools from AVANT’s Channel Sales Enablement Program that AVANT brings to bear for their partners.  In a market climate that’s rapidly changing, partners are looking to leverage their master agents any way they can to help them grow their business through attacking new market opportunities.  A lot of master agents talk the “enablement” talk, but AVANT is walking the walk.