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AVANT Makes Cloud Sales 'Effortless' with Latest Partnership

At AVANT we have one goal: to be the most prolific cloud sales enablement organization on the map.  We make this goal a reality by continuously engaging in strategic partnerships with the best and brightest cloud vendors, whether they are large or small, established or emerging.

As such, we’re happy to announce that we are the first cloud aggregator to onboard Effortless to our robust portfolio of cloud vendors. Effortless brings a unique advantage to our rapidly-growing partner community in that its cloud services directly respond to the demands of the current IT landscape.

For instance, with cyber attacks being at an all time high, Effortless offers a dynamic defense solution, Effortless Defense, that provides protection beyond standard firewall, spam, and virus detection services. Effortless Defense provides customers a stand-alone Security-as-a-Service program that can be implemented separately or along with an Effortless cloud computing solution.

What’s more, Effortless supports its customers through every step of the cloud migration process with its FlightPlan system. At AVANT we value transparency and seek to stand by our partners, and their customers, through all phases of cloud integration. As such, the Effortless FlightPlan exemplifies the best-in-class customer care that we look for in a cloud vendor. From a kick-off call with a senior engineer to the planning phase, to eventually going live with a custom cloud solution, Effortless guides customers through a completely individualized cloud migration experience.

We look forward to a fulfilling partnership with Effortless that will serve our partner community well. To learn even more about AVANT and Effortless working together, click here.