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Meet Nataly Williams, Your Cable Connector

Please welcome Nataly Williams, AVANT’s Order Processing Specialist
AVANT searched the market for the best talent to expands it nationwide cable practice. That’s why we hired Nataly Williams to help us provide a white glove pricing and ordering experience for our partners so they can stay focused on what’s most important to them, driving new opportunities and revenue for cable services.
Before joining Avant, Nataly spent 5 years at Centerfield Media/Qology as a back office specialist. There Nataly processed a whopping 3,000 orders a month with all the major providers of broadband and cable service providers! Her practical knowledge of the cable business will bring tremendous value to our channel partners and a perfect fit for the ever growing AVANT family!
Nataly is also a huge animal lover and loves traveling! What she doesn’t love is heights… so her most terrifying, yet favorite adventure, happened when she went to Muis Woods National Monument in Mill Valley, CA.  “I cried the whole time driving there because we had to drive along winding roads up the mountains, but it was sooooo worth it!”
Welcome to the top of the industry Nataly, don’t look down!

We doubled our investment in the channel by hiring the key people that will support your growth in you rcable practice, like Nataly.  Now we're investing in you!  Learn how you can get $10,000 in MDF from AVANT!