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Hello….London Calling!

And AVANT is answering! With the exponential rise in channel sales momentum in the United Kingdom, there is a massive growth opportunity in the region. We are thrilled to be bringing in more talent to meet the needs of an increasing number of British channel partners who benefit from AVANT’s expertise and unique resource set. As a significant part of this effort, we extend a warm welcome to Louka Loucas, our newest UK Channel Manager. Louka is focused on engaging channel partners across all our categories of services, empowering them with the guidance and tools they need to stay ahead of the curve.

Businesses in the UK are facing familiar challenges in the IT services arena: a shortage of IT talent; a rapidly changing, software-defined environment; and high expectations by end-users. Through Louka and our UK team, AVANT can provide the insight and assistance that will enable trusted advisors across Great Britain and beyond to address those challenges. AVANT’s global expansion demonstrates how our channel sales enablement methodology and programs have no boundaries! And as we rise to meet international demand, Louka will be responsible for recruiting quality members into the AVANT team.

Louka lives in East London, and when asked about his prior work experience, told us, “In my previous roles, I worked as a process and technology trainer and specialist for Apple, then moved into an IT distribution role, before moving into channel sales at a UK-based network provider.” He is a huge football fan (that’s soccer to those of us on this side of the pond), and his team is Tottenham Hotspur. (Don’t even mention Arsenal to him!) His goal? To make sure the United Kingdom is powered by AVANT!

If you are in the UK, stop by our office in the heart of London's financial district and join Louka for a pint!