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BattleApp Recognized by CRN for 2017 Tech Innovator Awards

We’re really proud of the work that Ron Hayman, JP Tucker, and the rest of the our BattleApp development team have done to build a powerful, dynamic, and, yes, innovative sales tool.  Built on Salesforce Communities, it truly stands out as a customer-facing sales weapon that is having a huge impact on our partners’ bottomline.

We recently doubled down on our investment in the channel, and the BattleApp is one of the key areas we have and will continue to invest in.  

That’s what makes it so sweet for the BattleApp to receive recognition from CRN’s 2017 Tech Innovator Award out of 216 applicants!  With so many master agents promoting their partner portals, it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.  That is, until a respected channel media publication comes along and does it for you.  

What’s so innovative?  See for yourself.

We’ve doubled down on the channel by doubling our investment in innovation that will move the needle for our partners.  Now we’re doubling down on you; we’re giving you $10k in MDF to drive marketing and sales activity!  Learn more here