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Meet Isaiah Hogberg, our West Coast Channel Sales Leader

Isaiah Hogberg likes to stay in motion.  When you have a person that spends their “free time” doing activities like rock climbing, skiing, biking, and rafting, you know you’re dealing with someone that isn’t going to be content to sit on the sidelines.  That’s why we hired him to lead the West Coast Region.  

AVANT has had a strong presence on the West Coast for some time under the leadership of Jen Gallego and our partners have thrived. But it has grown so quickly and significantly over the last few years that we decided it was time to hire a dedicated leader to support the West Coast. And we knew he or she had to be a rock star!  Someone that not only has channel experience and relationships, and inside knowledge of the market, but also has boundless energy to dig in and start delivering our channel sales enablement tools to our partners in the West that are underwhelmed with what the legacy master agents and distributors have to offer.  We knew the man for the job was Isaiah.

Isaiah comes to us with over 17 years of experience in the cloud and data center space, most recently as VP of Channel Sales at Peak10+ViaWest.  He’s a phenomenal addition to the team and is ready to hit the ground running.  

We’ve doubled down on the channel by doubling our investment in local channel leaders like Isaiah.  Now we’re doubling down on you; we’re giving you $10k in MDF to drive marketing and sales activity!  
Learn more here.