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Hello... Beast Coast Bana

Anyone that knows Bana Qashu knows that she’s a beast when it comes to helping her partners get the knowledge and support they need to drive their revenue through the roof.  She’s developed a proven methodology in her region that has achieved extraordinary results and that’s why we’re promoting her to Senior Business Development Manager for the East Coast. 

Bana took on the role of Senior Business Development Manager for the East for AVANT effective April 1.   In her newly created role she is responsible for recruiting strategic partners, on boarding, and working closely with senior leadership at AVANT on strategic initiatives, and the senior partner managers within the region to ensure that partners are receiving the local support they need.  Additionally, the position will work closely with the east leadership for the vendor partners within the region to ensure proper regional alignment, plan recruiting events, and identify new ways to enable partners within the respective regions.  

This past year has boasted tremendous growth for partners that engaged AVANT in their business and sales enablement strategy.  As partners exhibited success our channel continued to grow with a particular partner profile that is willing to adopt the AVANT methodology for sales success.  Working closely with local VARs, regional master agents, independent consultants, MSP’s...  We are creating a new channel that mirrors the new age of the golden trusted advisor.  

Bana will maintain relations with her “dodgeball team”, her core partners that she developed and has demonstrated tremendous success with over this past year.  She will be replicating this model through the regions working closely with the Senior Partner Managers to recruit, train, retain and enable new partners, while exceeding revenue goals.  Look to see her Bana’s Battle News (BBN) and social media presence extend beyond the NEMA (Northeast Mid-Atlantic) reach.

Our mission at AVANT has always been to achieve revenue success by enabling partners that go to battle with our team.  The leadership evaluates that growth consistently to ensure that we are keeping up with our service excellence and high Net Promoter Scores (NPS) from our partners year after year.  The impact of having this role on the East will increase our reach into territories and channels that mirror the changes in the technology environment, focusing on the select few partners that want to engage with AVANT and experience that growth.  The strategy is not to experience growth by the number of agents recruited, but by the quality of the agent that demonstrates a true partnership with a sales enablement organization such as AVANT. Lastly, the goal is to impact revenue streams with regional vendor partners across all categories of services offered in the portfolio today.

Congratulations Bana!  If you’re in the East region, you can contact Bana here or follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter