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Wave Goodbye to Connectivity Barriers with WAN Delivered as a Service

We’re living in the age of globalization, and if today’s organizations are struggling to cost-effectively and reliably connect geographically disparate office locations, it might be because they’re still using legacy WAN solutions.

For instance, maybe the problem is the exorbitant costs of legacy WAN solutions, which are creating a barrier between local and remote business locations. However, the other issue at hand might be the poor quality and constant troubleshooting that is necessary due the myriad of network components it takes to implement WAN.

In an effort to tackle the difficulties that many businesses experience with legacy networking solutions, the connectivity problem solvers of today have remedied both cost and quality concerns associated with WAN. This solution is found in WAN delivered as a service (or cloud WAN or software-defined (SD)-WAN). This particular solution eliminates the need for organizations to dedicate in-house resources to the management and upkeep of their networking infrastructure.

Due to the advantages afforded by this cloud solution, the WAN market is forecasted to experience noteworthy growth over the next few years. In fact, the WAN Optimization market was estimated at $5.2 billion in 2014 and is forecasted to grow to $12.1 billion by 2019.

It’s simple to see that third-party managed networking solutions will be the way of the future for a great deal of businesses. After all, WAN delivered as a service is more cost efficient as hosted management eliminates the need for spending on private WAN connections and legacy components like MPLS.  Your customers can leverage their existing bandwidth and still realize the benefits of a private cloud network like MPLS, including QoS.  

With WAN delivered as a service, partners are positioning their customers with a future-proof platform for growth that will support even the most complex applications in an efficient and cost effective manner.   Read more about today’s innovative networking solutions by clicking here.