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Calling All Partners: Cisco Powered Is About to Boost Your Bottom Line

You knew it was good news when AVANT revealed its partnership with Cisco. After all, the AVANT partner community now has access to the world’s top cloud service providers in one portfolio.

Whether or not you are a current partner or considering becoming a member of the rapidly expanding AVANT community, you might not yet be aware of just how robust the AVANT/Cisco partnership has become.

Join us on April 19th, 2016 at 10 AM Central Time for a special webinar that will detail the Cisco Cloud Services Resellers program. The program will enable partners that sell Cisco Powered solutions from AVANT to take advantage of a unique opportunity to receive a 4 percent rebate based on the Cisco dollar value of the deal by becoming a Cisco cloud services reseller.

Earning a 4 percent rebate is a great reason to join our webinar to learn about the VIP program, but there is more…

This opportunity enables partners to leverage investments that Cisco’s cloud service providers have made and boost their own bottom lines. More specifically, in this webinar, current and prospective partners will learn how Cisco’s new program will help them achieve the following benefits:

Gain access to new cloud services with minimum capital investment
Accelerate time to market of new Cisco cloud services
Create business diversity through offering Cisco’s range of traditional and cloud services
Expand sales reach into new markets and geographies
Gain access to Cisco sales enablement resources, improving the business model
Partners will learn how AVANT is their one-stop shop for earning more revenue and gaining access to Cisco’s competitive portfolio of Cisco Powered cloud service providers. Nobody represents more cloud service providers from the Cisco Powered ecosystem, and nobody sells more Cisco Powered cloud services than AVANT.

Are you ready to realize more success than you ever thought possible? Then don’t miss this webinar. It will take you through even more of the benefits, details, and instructions on how to register to become a Cisco cloud services reseller to increase your profitability through AVANT.

Register now!