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Field Sales Engineer, CCaaS

Full time position in US Central or US East.

Position Title: Field Sales Engineer, CCaaS
Job Classification: Full-time, Exempt
Supervisory: N
Department:  Avant Engineering Team       
Reporting to: SE Director
Location: US Central or US East (HQ in Chicago)


The Field Sales Engineer (FSE), CCaaS (contact center as a service), is an individual contributor role, responsible for providing technical, pre-sales support to Avant Agents and Avant Sales teams in the field. The FSE will be expected to stay current on partners’ offerings and industry technical certifications. The FSE will use this knowledge to train and educate Agents and Sales teams, contribute to Avant technical content, and provide solution recommendations to Avant customers. The FSE supports a specific set of Agents and primarily handles mid-to-large deals.

Essential Functions:
  • Direct the sales process for large opportunities and C-level contacts.
  • Understand customer business and technical objectives and product requirements in order to develop impeccably accurate, detailed solutions
  • Effectively close sales, leveraging Subject Matter Expert level knowledge across Avant product and service offerings; particularly CCaaS and UCaaS
  • Lead onsite meetings with clients
  • Provide consultative support for the internal development of competitive documentation across providers
  • Develop and deliver advanced product and services training for Agents
  • Lead Avant webinars, podcasts, and knowledge events
  • Lead marketing events to train and communicate with Agents
  • Leverage industry thought leadership to continuously evaluate market and providers to enhance portfolios
  • Continuously expand knowledge on new and emerging technologies related to Avant offerings
  • Take a leadership role in cross-training and coaching Avant Sales Engineers
  • Champion standardized processes for the Sales Engineering team in order to improve the quality of work and increase scalability
  • Achieve and maintain partner and industry certifications in a timely manner
  • Serve as subject matter expert in the design of internal sales tools and training modules
  • Provide technical leadership and knowledge utilizing Avant’s service providers
  • Become a subject matter expert in three or more fields, across Avant service providers, including security, cloud computing, SD-WAN, unified communications, contact center, backup and disaster recovery, colocation, and connectivity
  • Provide additional technical support in two or more fields
  • Develop strong relationships with Agents in region, during calls, meetings, conferences, and after-work events
  • Proactively train and strategize with key Agents in region
  • Become a spokesperson for Avant, promoting Sales, Engineering, Marketing, software tools, and research content

Required Skills:

  • Ten or more years experience in technical sales or engineering roles, optionally in the channel,AND/OR demonstrated ability to perform the key responsibilities of the role, as outlined above
  • Technical focus in CCaaS, preferably having deployed as a customer or sold as a service provider
  • Demonstrated sales acumen, with the ability to drive and close sales
  • Exemplary communication skills, including the ability to translate complex technical knowledge into simple, easy-to-understand information as needed based on the given audience
  • Salesforce experience optional
  • Technologically savvy; including high familiarity with Microsoft Office applications and other applications involving computer use and data entry
  • Ability to travel up to 33%

The information contained in this job description is intended to convey information about the essential functions and requirements of the position. It is not an exhaustive list of the skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities, or working conditions associated with the opportunity. In addition, the employee should be able to communicate effectively and in a constructive manner with management, peers and coworkers.

To apply for this position, submit your resume via the form.