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Find AVANT at Channel Partners Evolution

Change is inevitable. New technology is driving new markets and new opportunities. When you have the world’s most advanced IT decision-making platform behind you, all you have to do is believe and invest to achieve new heights!

December 2 & 3, 2019
Park Plaza Victoria London

State of Disruption Report

Download Today!

AVANT conducted a cross-industry survey of 300 enterprise technology leaders at the manager level and above who lead tech purchasing decisions. See what we learned!

6-12 Report: SD-WAN

Download today!

Find out what SD-WAN is, how it works, benefits, potential difficulties, security ramifications, competing technologies, and more! Download the SD-WAN 6-12 report today.

AVANT Lounge

Meet, Refresh, and Recharge

The AVANT Lounge is the perfect place to meet with us, our vendor ecosystem, or host your own meetings.  Or, wind down with a cocktail, refuel with refreshments. Details coming soon.

Party with AVANT

Join us at Greenwood Sports Pub

Join us December 2nd at 19:00-23:00 where all the action happens. Greenwood is a bold and unique destination to close your evening experience. All are welcome to attend.

The Largest, Independent Channel Event Has Gone Global

The channel is evolving at breakneck speed. Customers who once needed an array of costly on-premises hardware and packaged software now commonly choose the cloud for those same services. As a result, the once-lucrative business of delivering value-added in-house solutions is giving way to selling technology and communications as a service.

That change brings new opportunities for channel resellers who can pivot their business models to focus on digital services and maximise a monthly recurring revenue stream. Attend Channel Evolution Europe for a unique look into the latest opportunities in the channel and connect with the suppliers and partners who can bring new opportunities to life.

Open Registration for Channel Evolution Europe here

Are you a qualified channel partner? Use our discount code and register here.
AVANT Promo codes are valid through November 29:
  • Free Expo-Only Pass* w/ code AvantEXPO
  • £149 Conference Pass* w/ code AvantCONF
*Discount valid for qualified channel partners only (MSPs, VARs, agents, integrators and end user consultants). Not valid for industry suppliers/vendors.

Schedule a meeting with AVANT with the form or find us at the following sessions:

December 2nd
Fastball Pitch

December 3rd
Main Keynote Session 

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