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AVANT In The Community: Volunteering At New Moms’ Santa’s Village Event

This past summer AVANT team members, led by our own Erin Kay, took part in a community outreach project where we volunteered with The House of the Good Shepherd here in Chicago. As building meaningful connections with our greater community is one of our core values at AVANT, we were happy that Erin took the initiative to find new ways and new organizations for us to volunteer with during the holidays.

AVANT in the Community: The House of the Good Shepherd in Chicago

When someone asks us what makes AVANT different from other leaders in our space, the first answer is always “our people”.  One of the best things about being a people-company in a people-town like Chicago, is the opportunity we get to connect with our neighbors.  As big as Chicago is, it still has that small-town community feel, and it’s rewarding when one of our own takes the initiative to reach out and help out our neighbors in need.